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    Energy training for builders

    Latest BUILD UP Skills activities

    12-09-2012 |  Greece |  Greece
    Since well qualified construction workers are one of the key factors for achieving...
    10-03-2014 |  BUS-GR Brochures (II) |  Greece
    And here is the brochure for the actors in the CVET sector... Enjoy them!
    10-03-2014 |  BUS-GR Project brochures |  Greece
    We are in the pleasant position to inform you that the 2 brochures (one for the technical...
    23-01-2014 |  4th Consultation Meeting of the National Qualification Platform of BUS-GR |  Greece
    The 4th Consultation Meeting of the BUS-GR "National Qualification Platform”...
    26-07-2013 |  2nd and 3rd Consultation Meetings of the Greek National Qualification Platform (NQP) |  Greece
    The 2nd and 3rd Consultation Sessions of the BUS-GR "National Qualification Platform...

    National Country Pages

    National teams have been already formed in 30 European countries. As is the case in each country, in Greece key public players have formed a consortium to work together for the improvement of the qualifications and skills of building workers, which are essential to deliver high energy performance renovations and new “nearly zero energy” buildings. Click below to learn more about the activities carried out in Greece in the frame of the BUS-GR Project.