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Project Outcomes

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    • In the frame of BUS-GR the following activities will be carried out:
    • Adequate investigation of all professions of workers of the building construction sector, both conventional (craftsmen, plumbers, electricians, etc.) and specialized (installers and inspectors), in terms of existing courses and training schemes, either belonging to the national continuing education system or not.
    • Adequate description of all relevant technologies of Energy Efficiency (building envelope) and Renewable Energy Sources (energy production systems) along with the national targets for Energy Efficiency and the promotion of RES, as well as the relevant policies and strategies.
    • Identification of barriers and skills gap between the current situation and the 2020 needs, as regards the qualifications.
    • Formation of the National Qualification Platform for Greece and establishment of a common understanding of the issues to be addressed.
    • Development of a detailed methodology for carrying out the consultation procedure.
    • Implementation of the consultation platform’s meetings in order to cover the themes required for meeting the national targets in terms of training and certification of the blue collar workers, and assembly and processing of the results of the discussions.
    • Development of the National Qualification Roadmap for Greece, at least up to 2020, that will include:
    • A way to achieve the national 2020 targets focusing on the contribution of the building sector professions;
    • A methodology for taking priority measures for bridging the gaps in terms of qualification of blue collar workers in the building sector in order to meet the targets;
    • An Action plan developed for selected measures that will include:
    • Specific tasks, in the form “what will be done and by whom”,

    • A time horizon, i.e. “when will it be done”,

    • The necessary resource allocation, as regards both funds and human resources.
    • A monitoring scheme aiming at supervising the activities in progress in order to ensure that they are on-course and on-schedule.
    • Design, implementation and reporting of the carried out endorsement activities.

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